Colebrook Park:

Covid Recovery Plan

Covid 19 saw the cancellation of many outdoor events and festivals. During this time Nick Love, from Colebrook Park, contacted us to ask if I could help develop a 'Social Distanced' site plan. 

Working with the team, I re-addressed the whole site and how it needed to work. Working from OS into CAD, and then developing a 3D environment model, I created an asset which allows for visualisation, VR walkthrough, and in the future the base for a VR platform for streaming live events.

Additionally I designed new branding, documentation and some initial videos to get the message out to the Colebrook Park client base. This got great feedback and has helped other venues develop similar solutions.

Clive's services allowed for us to develop and design a 'Socially Distance' plan which we could base future events on. The way they designed the solution meant not only did we have the CAD plans we required but also really high quality visuals to show our clients. Really great work.

Nick Love - Colebrook Park.