Historic Royal Palaces

Royal Carriages

While working for the Pinewood Studios group, Clive Ramble was part of the team that designed and delivered the Royal Carriages Project. After two very successful installations, I continued the relationship with Historic Royal Palaces and have continued to work with them on the project.

Originally only to be used for one installation, the success of the carriages meant they where kept and used again the following year.

With the challenges of the lockdown period, Hampton Court contacted me to discuss whether it was possible to give this project one more outing. Worn and overgrown, the carriages where dressed foliage in the gardens to help with the opening after lock down. A great way to end their story.

Clive has managed a number of projects for Historic Royal Palaces from design and installation of key elements is the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace to re-creating historic carriages to producing and installing a giant Christmas present and re-engineering failed bases (produced by another company) of interactive mannequins at Kensington Palace. He has the rare combination of a creative brain, really practical thinking about engineering reliability and excellent project management. We’ve used him for projects where we need a creative solution that is reliably robust and often where installation is complex with H&S issues. We’ve been delighted with the results and the process has always been well managed - never have to chase for RAMS, installation is well planned, safe and on time.

Aileen Pierce

Head of Interpretation & Design 

Historic Royal Palaces